BIOSAVANNA RESOURCES LIMITED was established in February 2008 with core business in bridging business operations of clients in West Africa and Global corporate organizations, Investment and production of Electricity from Renewable Energy sources and to undertake activities in Sustainable Energy products for the attainment of its stated objectives. We provide Independent advice, mediating, facilitation and assistance on African Trade and business to European and Asian companies.

About Us


We provide Independent advice, mediating, facilitation and assistance on African Trade and business to European and Asian companies. We work on stimulating sustainable development, providing platforms for people who want to bring and support development to West Africa, specifically, Ghana. The organization works across the spectrum from Analysis to Policy Formulation, Consensus Building, International Collaboration, Market Research and Implementation of programs nationwide. With a global network of experts and resources, we strive to take on tomorrow’s challenges, reshaping life, modeling a world of change.

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Mission & Vision

Our purpose

Mission: To provide our Customers with top quality product and outstanding, measurable customer service. We make the maximum commitment to implement innovative structures as well as gaining a well-deserved TRUST and confidence in our services and trade related services that will promote vibrant trading activities worldwide.
Vision: To Be the Strategic Partner that adds values to the business development and Trading supply chains in West Africa.

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Sustainable Energy Sources


By definition, sustainable energy is the provision of energy such that it meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. That means that sustainable energy is energy which is replenishable within a human lifetime and causes no long-term damage to the environment. From this definition it is clear that all renewable energy sources are sustainable because base energy providers for renewable energy sources are very stable and human activity cannot influence those energy providers in some larger scale

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Our Unique Proposition

Our energy consultants help enhance performance across the industry value chain, providing expertise in generation, trading and storage, transmission, distribution and retail. We also work with clients to strengthen key capabilities, drawing on our experience to optimize the organization, improve operational performance and to refine corporate and customer strategies.

  • Quality Assurance and Service
  • Integrity and fair dealing with our customers and stakeholders
  • Proven People and Methodologies: we use world’s best practice systems and processes
  • Access to and support from a wide network of people
  • Working in partnership with clients and business associates.
  • A commitment to a sustainable approach to business, and
  • We go beyond expectations with outstanding community partnerships and customer service
  • Support when you need it most

Business Sectors

Through its network of business Partners, Biosavanna offers a wide range of services

  • Infrastructure Development
  • Trading, Business Consultancy & Advisory
  • Asset Management Services
  • Business Development in Africa
  • ICT & Systems Automation
  • Logistical Support

Field of Operations

Five (5) major areas

  • Energy(Power)
  • Commodities Trading
  • Agriculture Development & Processing
  • Infrastructure: Railways, Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS), Water supply and sanitation, Irrigation and watershed, Storage
  • Health

International Networking & Affiliates

This is our main concept and the important backbone of Biosavanna’s business activities. Together, we have created a global networking system, which is our asset to each customer. Biosavanna’s business strength lies on the international networking concept. We cooperate with medium and large scale investors and corporations. We work as a team leader with small, but flexible group and efficient, consulting and brokerage companies from various countries and continents. We lead a of highest class experts and specialists of various products. You will have found us or we will have found you, through our extended network, if not the internet.

Team & Clients

Our Business Team

Our team of business advisors and project managers has broad international experience from diverse backgrounds. Our clients include leading firms in our selected industries, and we have a worldwide network of contacts with dedicated staff ready to be recruited for services to undertake roles across a broad range of industries and on project sites worldwide.

Our Clients

Energy companies, financial institutions, Infrastructure development companies, emerging businesses and government agencies; they benefit from our integrated services. We work with clients to best address their business needs, leveraging our commitment to innovation, and industry expertise; with a focus on processing efficiency and facilitating day-to-day activities.