About Us

BIOSAVANNA RESOURCES LIMITED was established in February 2008 with core business in bridging business operations of clients in West Africa and Global corporate organizations, Investment and production of Electricity from Renewable Energy sources and to undertake activities in Sustainable Energy products for the attainment of its stated objectives.

We provide Independent advice, mediating, facilitation and assistance on African Trade and business to European and Asian companies.

We work on stimulating sustainable development, providing platforms for people who want to bring and support development to West Africa, specifically, Ghana. The organization works across the spectrum from Analysis to Policy Formulation, Consensus Building, International Collaboration, Market Research and Implementation of programs nationwide. With a global network of experts and resources, we strive to take on tomorrow’s challenges, reshaping life, modeling a world of change.

We also work with clients to strengthen key capabilities, drawing on our experience to optimize the organization, improve operational performance and to refine corporate and customer strategies.

When you engage BIOSAVANNA RESOURCES there is no learning curve. Thanks to our close and long-standing relationships extending right across the industry, we are able to provide an informed, knowledgeable understanding of the industry. This combination of depth of experience coupled with the latest know-how means Biosavanna is up to speed on your project quickly and effectively.

At the corporate level, our experts collaborate with management to:

–       Develop a corporate investment strategy

–       Evaluate macro and industry trends and their impact on utilities

–       Implement new business models, such as “smart” energy efficiency services or distributed generation

–       Identify the right level of vertical integration

–       Define portfolio and international expansion strategies

–       Increase efficiency of support functions

–       Integrate corporate strategy and corporate finance to manage total shareholder return

–       Instil a high-performance culture and decision-driven organization throughout the business

–       Ensure effective change management

At the business-unit level, Biosavanna helps clients:

–       Optimize operations

–       Manage regulatory requirements, social structures and cultures of communities where we operate

–       Increase operating performance and capital project management

–       Capitalize on technology trends and expand into the right adjacencies


Biosavanna Resources & its International Partners have expertise in the design, supply, construction and operation of Infrastructure and Systems.

In addition to being well versed in a full range of established and conventional processes, the company offers cutting edge research and engineering.

Main Project Services:

–       Plant design and Engineering

–       Project management

–       Procurement

–       Installation and Construction (including Turn Key projects)

–       Plant testing and commissioning

–       Design, supply and operation of pilot Plants

–       Mechanical and Electrical contracting

–       Process automation

–       Modernization and Refurbishment


Biosavanna assist decision makers to identify their related partner companies from West Africa who do tenders and those with won tenders. The companies can local in nature or tied up with International companies.
We can assist you in the following business areas:
• Suppliers
• Consultants
• Distributors
• Joint Venture
• New Company establishment
• Project Consortium
• Contractors
• Subcontracts

Please don’t hesitate to call us for enquiries if you need help—
• Do you plan to bid in West Africa and looking for local partners for co-bidding?
• Are you planning to visit West Africa and looking to meet potential business partner, OR?
• Do you want to set up meetings on call exploring mutual interest?

Our Expert Team will provide you with any assistance where necessary. The goal is to provide you with value added services and information and also help achieve your business objectives.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our Customers with top quality product and outstanding, measurable customer service. We make the maximum commitment to implement innovative structures as well as gaining a well-deserved TRUST and confidence in our services and trade related services that will promote vibrant trading activities worldwide.

We believe in creating a positive and lasting social impact by developing successful partnerships built on mutual trust and respect.

The specific objectives are:

  • Poverty reduction through job creation
  • To increase returns on investors investment through continuous product improvements, consumer based expansions, new product and market development and sound managerial practices;
  • Maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas and hard work.
  • The multiplier effect of our projects and investments should bring additional benefits such as economic growth and employment opportunities.

Our Vision

Integrated and multi services provider To Be the Strategic Partner that adds values to the business development and Trading supply chains in West Africa. This commitment drives us to higher levels of performance and our belief in the possibility of achieving good success in the challenging environment in which we work.